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Stop Sucking!

This one is simple enough! Whenever you order a drink ask for No Straw!

Single use plastic straws are polluting the seas and killing wildlife.

Guess what, I still have a good night when I say No Straw and still get just as drunk!

It can take a few nights out to make it a habit. But perseverance is the key. Even when asking for a glass of water make sure you ask for No Straw!

It's as much getting it into the psyche of society as remembering to ask for No Straw!

There are lots of bars now in London that have banned straws, but there are still places that don't even realise it's a problem.

We've all seen the turtle having a straw removed from it's nose. The only way to stop that happening is say No Straw!

Whenever I accidentally end up with a straw in my drink, I make sure I take it away with me so it doesn't end up in their bins at the end of the night. Once you have a pocket full of straws you'll defo start remembering to ask for No Straw.

Zero negative impact on our lives, massive positive impact for wildlife!!

More info:

Here's some alternatives to plastic straws:

As always - please share across all social media sites, email everyone you know, leave comments, post any great ideas and positive feedback.

If you can't do everything, don't do nothing!

Small changes make a massive difference! #bethechange

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