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Eco Periods!

Earthwise Pad Small - Buy 3 Give 1 | Reusable Panty Liners

NEW! Our very own Earthwise reusable menstrual pads offer a convenient alternative to disposables.

So, in the spirit of collaboratively saving the planet, I wanted to share something that I changed a couple of years ago which will benefit the environment, some of the poorest girls in the world and yourself!!

I read an article about the huge numbers of girls in Kenya that were missing a week of school every single month because of their periods. For these girls, sanitary products were far too expensive and their attempts at homemade towels were uncomfortable and ineffective. It was just easier to stay at home. As a feminist and a human being I found this utterly appalling so immediately looked into charities that I could contribute to and in doing so realised that reusable sanitary towels are actually a thing!!! I went straight online, bought myself a set and have never looked back. If you're not yet convinced, allow me to lay it out clearly:

- They are far more comfortable than conventional sanitary pads. Fleece lined for your foof - YAY!

- They are easy to wash - bung them in the washing machine - YAY!

- They save you time and money every month - YAY!

- You will be flipping the bird to the government and their tampon tax. And maybe the big companies that have made money off women's biology for millennia might start to suffer - YAY!

- You will be a part of the revolution to save Mother Earth - YAY!

- They are better for your body - no nasty unnatural fibres - YAY!

- With the brand I use, for every 3 you buy, an orphaned girl in Kenya will receive one - DOUBLE YAY!!!

I bought mine here:

You can also purchase mooncups (reusable tampons) and other brilliant planet saving products on this website.

This is so easy. Please just give it a go and know that, even if it's not for you, you will have helped a girl get the education she deserves.

Thanks x

As always - please share across all social media sites, email everyone you know, leave comments, post any great ideas and positive feedback.

If you can't do everything, don't do nothing!

Small changes make a massive difference! #bethechange

The purpose of these blogs is purely to spread the word about easy and effective ways to be green, reduce plastic and lower carbon emissions. I have no affiliation with any companies listed in these blogs and gain no financial incentive for writing about them.

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