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Mushrooms don't need to pollute!

Buy loose mushrooms and pop them in a paper bag!

A nice easy change, but one that some folk might not have thought of.

I prefer to get fruit and veg from local grocers, but sometimes that's not possible.

The pre packaged mushrooms in supermarkets come wrapped in non recyclable film and as for the tubs they come in, we're all starting to realise that refusing is better than recycling.

This literally has no negative impact on everyday life but removes one more pollutant from our fridges!


As always - please share across all social media sites, email everyone you know, leave comments, post any great ideas and positive feedback.

If you can't do everything, don't do nothing!

Small changes make a massive difference! #bethechange

The purpose of these blogs is purely to spread the word about easy and effective ways to be green, reduce plastic and lower carbon emissions. I have no affiliation with any companies listed in these blogs and gain no financial incentive for writing about them.

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