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Small changes can make a massive difference!

I have embarked on an 'eco friendly' journey and I want to take as many people as I can with me!

It's easier than it sounds!

When we join together we have immense power to enact change. If we change the way we spend and consume, then the big companies and governments will change the way they produce and sell!


When looking at the whole issue, it can be pretty overwhelming! But when broken down into individual concerns, they are often pretty easy to solve and perfectly achievable with minimum lifestyle disruption.

My game plan is to attempt to do at least one thing better everyday. I have had some extraordinary successes as well as some monumental failures. But when the failures come, that just gives me something to improve on for the next day!

Like I said - Simples!

So I'm going to post a short blog as often as possible with a suggestion of something we can do better tomorrow. It would be great if you all joined me and got others to do so as well.

So please share, comment, post any great ideas and positive feedback. If each of us got at least one more person to join in we'd be cooking with gas... or some other more sustainable energy source!!

That's it!

Let's try and change one thing at a time and create new habits... I'm excited about what we can do!

Who's with me?

If you can't do everything, don't do nothing!

Small changes make a massive difference! #bethechange

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